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This weekend…October 1st and 2nd
UT’s Eddie Reese to speak at Eastern States Clinic in King of Prussia, PA
Hashtag #ISCA-Open-Water-Festival – and the water temperature is …
October 1st and 2nd…is coming up soon!
Competitive swimming CAN be boring. Families can sign-up and fix that problem of low-motivational meets!
Packing for the TISCA Coaches Clinic
Fwd: Olympic Gold medalist Josh Davis’ video
Important vote coming to the USA Swimming Convention. Keep the 120-day rule!
Go way beyond the typical, short course, age-group meet with ISCA
What swim team would be worthy of a documentary or film?
Hear from UT’s Carol Capitani at the Eastern States Clinic
Invite to a Splash & Dash, half-mile swim + half-mile run, at the Open Water Festival
Meet Dave Durden…Head Olympic Coach
We need you to make it a success
Do you like to color? Download and print. And, live the message too.
Invite from Elizabeth Beisel to the Eastern States Clinic
Are you going to the Eastern States Coaches Clinic?
Swim Coaching Jobs posted
Head Coach wanted at the Iowa City Eels
The Wilton Y is looking to hire a coach!
Open Water Festival Invite
ISCA Science Newsletter
College Recruitment for swimmers and families
Save These Dates…October 1st and 2nd – Eastern States Clinic
New head swim coaching job posted – in Austin, Texas, with assistance from ISCA’s expertise
Less than 100 slots open for the ISCA Elite Showcase Classic Championships
Ocean, Bay and Beach Safety 2022
Less than 200 slots open for the ISCA Elite Showcase Classic Championships
Celebrate Healthy and Safe Swimming Week — May 23-29, 2022

OWS = Open Water Swimming

Swimming outdoors gets more attractive when the weather allows.

Open water swimming offers plenty of new lessons and experiences for coaches, swimmers and families. Consider the options and explore the open water resources at ISCA.

Plan to attend the East Coast Open Water Championships in early October 2020 in Virginia.