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OWS = Open Water Swimming

Swimming outdoors gets more attractive when the indoor pools are not opening

Open water swimming offers plenty of new lessons and experiences for coaches, swimmers and families. Consider the options and explore the open water resources at ISCA.

Plan to attend the East Coast Open Water Championships in early October 2020 in Virginia.

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Mini-course under development

You can help to craft an open-water mini-course at this blog. Chime in.

Be a part of the Virtual Run Splash National Championships with ISCA and the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

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Help to build a mega list of why one should sign-up and participate on a scholastic swim team. Take the quiz to rank the reasons and then offer your own insights. 

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Cannonball! Are you ready to swim!

We are psyched to get back into the pools and swimming again! #SwimToday. Tell us about your summer at

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Come on in

Big fun: Underwater Hockey

We get to learn, practice and teach about playing well with others at swim pools.

From Swim School lessons to varsity swim teams, and after-school water polo, to summer camps and under-water-hockey sessions and open water swims to lifeguard courses and hooking up with kayaks -- let's be ready to swim.

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