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Athlete Mental Health presentation.


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Part one of the Athlete Mental Health presentation.


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What club teams will be attending the ISCA meets in July and August 2021?

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More than 200 lessons are presented within the Global ISCA Members Library . Public launch expected in September, 2020.

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Science of Swimming Gets Explained in the extra courses

Take the courses and get clarity on the scientific aspects of swimming.

Calling People of Swimming and Sports with a Hankering for Technology

New SIG (special interest group) to help with matters of tech.

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OWS = Open Water Swimming

Swimming outdoors gets more attractive when the indoor pools are not opening

Open water swimming offers plenty of new lessons and experiences for coaches, swimmers and families. Consider the options and explore the open water resources at ISCA.

Plan to attend the East Coast Open Water Championships in early October 2020 in Virginia.