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Lesson Trends for 2020

Smaller groups. Swim teachers doing private lessons while on deck. Parents and guardians working in the water with their own children with the teacher in a remote position.

Some instructors, such as Robert A. Strauss of Miami, Florida's Swim Gym, have turned to internet lesson plans to better instruct the adults in how to teach the kids. A worry is a spike in deaths due at home pools due to distracted parents, more time at home and a lack of swim lessons.

Robert Strauss

Infant, child lessons

Drowning is a global epidemic claiming the lives of  hundreds of thousands of people each year

 A majority of the water-related deaths are children belonging to minority and low income populations, traditionally underserved in the aquatics community. (See more at the diversity page.)

Get Your Feet Wet - Swimming, is an online resource that can be deployed in camps, lesson programs and in your community.

Summer Dreamers playing water polo

Swim Lessons with a Ball or a Disk, and fins and fitness

Learning to swim comes along with improved listening skills and opportunities to play well with others.

Kids with fins at the pool

Swimmers on pool deck at Ammon with swim fins and SKWIM in background

Growing Great Kids

Technique Videos from The Stroke Doctor

Summer Dreamers swim cap and disk

ISCA helped in a sponsorship role with the SKWIM & Water Polo camp experience with Pittsburgh Public Schools in 2020 – now time for plans for 2021

Plant seeds in December and January! Plan for summer now with local,

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Coach Robert

Learn to swim and water safety content from Miami with Coach Robert, an aquatic guru

Insights:Okay, I got a better handle on this. He does a seminar

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SI article on Quest for Water

The quest for water. Sports Illustrated article link

Article on Sports IllustratedQuest for Water Screen grab of SI articleQuest for

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Grandpa and kid give high five


The Diversity in Aquatics Movement The focus is on empowering communities through

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GoSwim.TV covers tethered swimming ideas

Swimming on a rope!

GoSwim.tv talks and demonstrates tethered swimmingWonderful introduction!Some extra ideas from MarkWe called

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call details

Steve’s Zoom call(s), to cover 400 dry land exercises

Coach Steve Friederang, the Editor of Competitive Swimmer Magazine and CEO of

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American Swim Caps logo

New Partnership – Great Swim Caps

We are excited to announce to you our new partnership with…. We’ve

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Hans paddles logo

Han’s Swim Paddles

Han’s Paddles- The Original Holed Swim Paddle! Proud Partner of the International

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