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Swim Coach Staffing Solutions Update

Swim Coach Staffing Solutions have been busy filling coaching positions of all levels. More and more teams are contracting with us to lead their coaching searches. 

Some of the teams we have recently worked with and filled include

  • New Trier Aquatics, north of Chicago, IL, 
  • Chelsea Piers Aquatic Club in Stamford, CT, and 
  • Waterloo Swimmng in Austin, TX.

Other teams are under contract to help fill their coaching positions. 

Swim Coach Staffing Solutions and ISCA are in discussions with several more teams.  Teams are learning that our proprietary processes of search and research, are second to none in helping them find the best fit for their team, when looking for a new swim coach. Our interviewing staff have a cumulative, 94-years of Head Coaching experience.

A need -- more coaches in our database.

Our last three coaching searches had 12, 19, and 29 coaches apply. For our searches, we contacted and included coaches from a previous search. But you must be in our database to be included. Our database is strictly confidential. When a coaching opportunity comes to us, the first thing we do is review our database looking for good matches. Then we contact you to see if you are interested in pursuing this job, all confidentially.

We are filling positions that range from CEO/Head Coach of major teams to Head Coach of developing teams, to Head Age Group positions.

Are you looking to move up to becoming a Head Coach?
Are you looking to move up to a Head Age Group coaching position?
Are you looking to be able to develop Olympic-level athletes and run a major team?

We have immediate openings for all three positions, and more on the horizon. Help us help you, fill out the forms and get into our database.

Malaysian Swim Federation logo - hiring coach

MALAYSIA SWIMMING FEDERATION is looking to employ a Head coach and Technical director for swimming.

Who is Interested?Contact:Low Siak San, AndySecretary GeneralMalaysia Swimming Federation(Persekutuan Renang Malaysia)#02-03 Level

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Condors Swimming logo

Condors needs an age group coach

Call for a coach at Condors Swimming

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Iowa City Eels

Head Coach wanted at the Iowa City Eels

The Iowa City Eels has an excellent opportunity for a Head Coach!The

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Swim Coach Staffing Solutions logo

New head swim coaching job posted – in Austin, Texas, with assistance from ISCA’s expertise

This job search is getting some assistance from ISCA's expertise.Pass along to

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