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Title: Director of Competitive Aquatics, Head Coach

Waterloo Swimming (WLOO), located in Austin, Texas, is looking for an energetic Head Coach to run our Competitive Aquatics (Swim Team and Swim Fit) programs. These groups include over 600 athletes and over 10 staff members.  This person will manage the direction of these groups and staff members including running our Elite Group of National athletes. Waterloo is currently a Top 50 VCC USA Swimming Team, Safe Sport Recognized, and a USA Swimming Level 4 Club Recognized Program.

Waterloo owns a 30,000 sq ft natatorium with an indoor Olympic Pool and teaching pool. We have expanded in Austin to a downtown location with Swim Lessons and Swim Fit programming to help support the community. Our staff are all ASCA certified members and full-time employees. We support the overall athlete's goals with partnerships with a Nutritionist, a Physical Therapist, and a Mental Health organization. Dryland is on-site with associated equipment for each group level's progression.

Skills and Experience

  • 5+ years of Head Coach experience (USA Swimming Bronze, Silver, Gold Club preferred)\
  • Experience managing a large staff (10+ employees)
  • Consistent experience training athletes at the Jr Nat / Olympic Trial level
  • Promotes a Team-wide Winning Culture


* Responsible for Swim Team (400 swimmers) and Swim Fit (200 swimmers) along with staff members and programming

* Reports to Owners (No BOD at WLOO); i.e., Coach Owned

* Salary: $100K

* Benefits: Medical, Vision, Dental, & 401k

About Waterloo Swimming

Founded in 2010 and located in Austin, TX, Waterloo has grown from 2 club swimmers to more than 400 annual USAS club swimmers. We are a Coach Owned / run club, and we built our own natatorium in 2016. We have placed in the top 5 in Texas 14U Age Group championship meets each of the past 2 years. And our National group is sending kids to D1 through D3 schools.

We pride ourselves for putting fun, safety, and technique first. Our 10 different practice levels look at both age and technical ability to provide a great training experience for all levels of our sport with our number one goal being to get swimmers ready for the next level no matter what that level is!


Contact: Patrick Henry 

(817) 905-7665

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