William & Mary Swimming & Diving Team returns for the women — while not for the men — yet!

Big News in the World of Swimming -- William & Mary Swimming & Diving rebounds for the women's side.

Time for some dancing in the streets! Time to double down and keep up the battle for the men's squad as well.

One viable solution:

  • Pick up men's and women's water polo. 
  • Another chapter on the same playbook, pick up men's and women's triathlon.
  • Likewise, another chapter, pick up OPEN WATER SWIMMING.
  • Might as well keep building our volume with another chapter on competitive lifeguarding, co-ed, recreational industry, job/career readiness, wellness studies.

We need to offer more robust activities around the aquatic venues.

These additional sports need to be cultivated. Some, limited, administrative oversight can go a long way with value to the overall experience.

Of course, student guided leadership is going to be more and more important in the years to come.

Of course, we hope that the club sport of swimming where there can continue to be be a home for men's swimming opportunities is able to embrace club athletes of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Rather than saying, FOOTBALL is a SPECIAL CASE and should be excluded from the counting of bodies and justice scales between men and women by those who wear robes to work, we need to make AQUATICS the special case. Of course you'd not cut swimming because that offers so much to society, to the beach safety, to the lives of our children, to wellness of citizens.

There is a bigger role that swimming plays in our communities beyond the 200-fly. Those roles are filled by men and women. And, the leadership, research, professionalism, and guidance has to have deep roots within our institutions of higher learning. 

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Come and Join The Fun!



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