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January 2021
Webinar on Coaching Solutions from Science
Our first webinar will be “Athlete Mental Health during the COVID Crisis” on Zoom on Saturday, January 23 at 3:30 pm New York time. It will include an athlete, a coach, and two sport psychologists.
Race Analysis for Start and Turn Distance
Start and turn distance for international caliber swimmers over the past 35 years was reported in a recent study (Gonjo & Olstad, 2020). The graphs below show the start distance for men’s 100 meter events (top) and the turn distance for women’s 200 meter events (bottom).
Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming News
The articles from the Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming Conference in Japan are now available to download for free. There are also over 1,000 articles from the previous 12 conferences.
Preliminary information about the XVth BMS Conference in July, 2022 in Liepzig, Germany is now posted.
Free Optimal Technique Cue Card and Checklist
Freestyle Technique for Sprint and Distance
Many sources suggest that swimmers use a different freestyle technique for sprint and distance events. For example, a “straight-arm” underwater motion is often promoted for sprinting, and a “bent arm” is frequently suggested for distance events. However, science (both physics and research) shows us that a swimmer can optimize performance in events of all distances by using the same arm motion but with a different arm coordination, i.e., opposition for distance and superposition for sprints.
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