Some favorite games from swim coaches as collected at the Pacific Swim Coaches Clinic



A one-page written test of three questions was given to the audience at the outset of a presentation at a coaches clinic. Question one and two was for name and email. The the third question, fill in the blank, was the title of your favorite game that you played with your swimmers. The various answers obtained are posted below.

The full presentation with an audio file is posted on another page.

Comments welcome at the end of the page.

Coach’s name, the name of the game

Meghan McCarthy, KING OF THE HILL

Nicholas Loporio, Relays with off pulling and kicking (i.e. fly pull with breast kicking)

Amber Toland, Solitare

Liza Saunders, Funtimes

Doug Djang, Swimming (BR)

Jud Shutts, Quick ly FAST

Anne Vargas, Guess and Go

Marcia Benjamin, Trivia contests

Stefanie Gernert, What time is it Mr. Shark?

Andria Moitoza, Rabbits, Rats, Racoons

Ricky Hegner, Big Ball

Cody Kelly, Sharks and Minnows

Julie Hardt, Ultimate Frisbee

Erik Wood, Jungle Ball

Brian Shepherd, Shark & Minnows

Kim Corgait, Catch the Rabbit

Matt Moon, Rat, Robbit, Racoon

Eli Hamm, Chariots of Fire

Jonathan Riley, Dice Roll

E. Ito, Swimming is Awesome

Tom Dowky, Bean

Charles Sommer, ?

Suzie Dods, Roll the Dice

Matt Crawford, Murder Ball

Andy Maryatt, Crazy 8s

Andrew Savine, Rat, Rabbit, Racoon

Allison Hoppe, What time is it Mr. Shark?

Elizabeth Rodgers, Snow

Lucas Salles-Cunha, ?

Anthony Koo, 4 corners

Buffy Patterson, Fin Game

Jenny Nowatzke, Jump or Dive

Cesar Valera, Freeze Tag

Laura Lee, Maze

Janet Gutierrez, Dryland + 500 “In” & “Out”

Ryan Garcia, Sharks and Minnows

Spencer Pollard, Shark & Minnows

David Majekawa, Caterpillar

Melissa West, Who’s Feeling Lucky (a 3 dice game to determine next set)

Kevin Chester, Bob for Apples Relays

Genna Roan, Finianapolis

Noa Kregler Allen, Musical kickboards

Kelsey Bonzell, Goggle Toss

Lehla Irwin, Steal the Kickboard (or noodle, bouy, dive rings, etc.)
Bonus game: Equipment massacre


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