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Hi Friends of Swimming!


Now, more than ever, we need to re-energize the swim coaching profession. It is time to grow the sport and our ranks of coaches, aquatic participants and engage within our local communities.


Check out this offer and come along, as the value is incredible.


Join ISCA now and you’ll also get immediate access to five additional ebooks.



Traditionally, the International Swim Coaches Association annual membership is $75. ISCA membership sales nor discounts don’t happen, even for Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Instead, ISCA has been increasing its membership value ten-fold due to the expansion of a rich collection of more than 300 lessons and articles that provide confidence and insights. This resource, The Global Library for ISCA Members, offers guidance and jet fuel for coaching-staff-discussions for years to come.


Join ISCA and get access through the Learning Management System part of


But wait, … there is more! 


Five ebooks are provided for instant download when you join now — before the conclusion of the men’s FIFA World Cup. This offer expires Dec 18, 2022. The countdown timer is at the offer’s landing page,


The 5 ebooks available for instant download are:


1) A High School Season with USRPT by Lori Jo McCullough; 

2) Script & Screenplay for Mental Skills for Young Athletes by Michael Hogg, Ph.D.; 

3) Decide Your Culture, Build Your Team by Jim Lutz; 

4) Fundamentals of Fast Swimming by Doctor Gary Hall & Ryan Murphy, 

5) Readings from the Book of Coach Mark.




Get the ebook bundle, a Cyber Monday special,



Thanks for the consideration.


Mark Rauterkus

ISCA’s Webmaster


Cell: 218-400-1500

In ongoing news, make your reservations for the ISCA Spring Championship Meets!

Links to the suitable meet info is now harbored on our home page,


West Coast Age Group Elite Showcase at NOVA in Irvine, California


East Coast Age Group Elite Showcase in St. Petersburg, FL


International Senior Cup in St. Petersburg, FL

Visit the ISCA Website,

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