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Proud Partner of the International Swim Coaches Association
“Feel of the water on the hand is vital for an efficient and successful competitive swimming stroke. Our holed paddles do it best!” – Dick Hannula
Since they were first introduced by Coach Dick Hannula in 1985, these paddles have reduced joint stress while building strength and feel for the water for swimmers at every level from notice to Olympic Champions. They are the most versatile paddles available. They can be used in varying hand positions depending on the stroke and drill.  
About the Inventor – Dick Hannula: Hall of Fame Coach
Coach Hannula’s contributions to the sport of swimming have been recognized worldwide, culminating in his induction into the 1987 International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF), the 2004 American Swimming Coaches Association Hall of Fame, and the 1982 National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association Hall of Fame. Dick Hannula has been the President of the American Swimming Coaches Association (1976-1978, 1986) and was the Vice President of the World Swimming Coaches Association. He also served as chairman of U.S. Swimming’s Technical Instruction Committee. Hannula was the commissioner of swimming at the 1990 Goodwill Games in Seattle. He has also written extensively on swimming in articles and interviews (over 160 at last count), publications, and books such as Coaching Swimming Successfully and the co-editor of The Swim Coaching Bible. He has been a featured coach at clinics in more than 30 states and internationally (Australia, Hong Kong, and Thailand).
Hannula has served on multiple international staffs, including teams in 1973 (England and Bulgaria), 1975 (Pan American Games Mexico City), 1976 (Egypt), 1978 (Taiwan), 1979 (Pan American Games San Juan), 1985 (Pan Pacific Tokyo), the 1984 (Olympic Games Los Angeles), and 1988 (Olympic Games Seoul), and the 2001 (Goodwill Games Brisbane).
Hannula’s swimmers have achieved success at the highest levels. They have achieved 2 World Records, 2 Olympic Records, 13 American Records, and 2 National High School Records. He is the all-time winningest high school coach in the USA, as he led Wilson High School (Tacoma, WA) to 24 consecutive Washington High School State Championships and a 323 consecutive dual meet streak without a loss. 
Mailing Address: PO Box 64653, Tacoma, WA 98464
Han’s Paddles are USA-manufactured and designed by Coach Dick Hannula. For domestic orders, please use the online store. For international orders, please contact us directly at office@hanspaddles.com for availability and shipping rates.

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