Months on a Mission: Seeking Stories of Water, and hitting it big this week

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We've been on a mission to collect stories of water since the pandemic arrived.
Once upon a time, our students got to learn swimming while online.
Last year's summer camp was in isolation, but we prevailed by telling and sharing all sorts of stories of water. The top challenge was to widen the perspectives of the students so that they could visit with other people, other places and learn some about how others interact with water in our big, blue world.

We had fun collecting the stories from many new and old friends These stories made a wonderful, entertaining base for teaching about water safety, decision making, and opportunities for growing up healthy. 

You're invited to check out the story collection and use any and all of them with your family, teams and students. 

But wait! There is more!

We've been growing and evolving the collection for the past year. We insert the stories onto the website as we see them. Recently, one of the stories won an Oscar. Did you watch (on Netflix) My Octopus Teacher? An Oscar Award is an excellent accomplishment. 

  • Did you know that Netflix shares almost 11% in April 2021, with the company attributing slower subscription growth to a lack of new content because of COVID-19's effect on production schedules. Cry me a river! 

But wait! There is more!

While those other stories are fun and good, this message goes out to say that there is a new, FANTASTIC story now available for swimmers and coaches from a filmmaker who focused upon top-flight, competitive swimming.

This film is available ON DEMAND now. Yes, it requires a payment for streaming into your home's television or computer. Yes. it is worth it.
The Water Is My Sky – film 
Insights at
Trailer and insights as part of our S6 collection.
S6 and The Water Is My Sky

Order and watch the film this weekend!

Need weekend plans? Stream the brand new swimming documentary, THE WATER IS MY SKY! If you rent the film through the link below, 50% of your fee will be donated to our team!

Huddle and debrief about the film at our next audio meeting on Clubhouse, at 11 am on Thursday, May 27, 2021. The Clubhouse app is now for both iOS and Android. If you need an invite, ping your name and cell phone to Mark Rauterkus at 218-400-1500, or 
International Swim Coaches Association
218-400-1500 |

Some $.02 comments about the film:

  • Cringe worthy quote from a high school swimmer: "Is that school going to talk to me because I didn't swim that fast." 
  • Lots of hugs and lots of cameras behind the blocks -- both trending to not possible these days.
  • Epic Dick Jochums quote worthy of being repeated, goes something like this: "A swimmer has one chance to win a race (obtain a gold medal), but a thousand chances to lose it." Speaks volumes to the years of preparation needed to win at the highest levels. 
  • Longed to see more of the coaches, especially, Dick Jochums.
  • Great that the film had both men and women stories included.
  • Title rings true with the book author's mention of the swimmer soaring above his own talent. Sky!
  • Nice love showing Fitter & Faster Clinics. 
  • Camera drifts out of focus more than desired. Guess that is art.
  • Need to watch this movie and not multitask as there are plenty of instances when key bits of info are on the screen to be read. 
  • Every high school swim team should watch this at an early season, team viewing party. Speaks volumes to the dedication and drive needed to be a swimmer and not just an athlete that swims.
  • Perfect release date as we build excitement for the USA Swimming Olympic Trials to start in a week or so.
  • Movie costs $20 to watch via stream at this time. Then you can watch it for 48-hours. 
  • Footage of in the movie gives a peek at new ISCA Hall of Fame Coach, Jon Urbanchek. 
  • All in all -- 4 out of 5 stars.

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