Art All Night features our Swim & Water Polo original painting for sale: $350

In the summer of 2016, as part of Swim & Water Polo Camp with Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Summer Dreamers at Camp Carmalt, a devoted and talented teacher, Sam Murrell, a long-time coach and artist on the BGC Staff, organized the painting of this mural / poster.

This painting is nearly 4-foot wide and 5-foot tall. It can be yours for a special price at Art All Night for only $350.

Purchase it now as the non-show price is $900.

A much larger mural was in Art All Night in 2016, but its price tag was more than $3,500. That mural did not sell, yet.

photo of head of Sam
Sam, staff member and artists with Swim & Water Polo.

Proceeds for the sale of this and last year’s piece of art would go to Swim & Water Polo equipment such as fins and goggles, for the kids in our camp.

Hope to see you tonight, at the one night show, at Art All Night. See The show is in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh on 36th Street, near the river. You can’t miss it. No charge for admission.

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