Update on the make-over of the Global ISCA Library for Members


Update: Beta Release, August 13, 2020

Moving lessons into various area and some are being combined with topics.

Update: Alpha Release, August 1, 2020

The Global Library for ISCA Members is getting ready for its public release in September, 2020, with an alpha release. If you are a member of ISCA, feel free to send an email to Webmaster-Team@SwimISCA.com, and we'll give you a peek of what's coming. 

There is some heavy lifting still to do in terms of organization of lessons, content refinement and more. Happy to talk about this with you if you are interested.

Call Mark: 412-298-3432.

To do:

  1. Some of the lessons that came from the legacy library, especially marked, SSP, need to be better researched as to find the source of the external links. If they're not available, then they need to be nuked from this collection. 
  2. More lessons are on the way. They need to be put into the library and are on hand now.
  3. Extra lessons can be merged into the library as well.
  4. Better titles to lessons and sections are welcomed. 
  5. Eventually, mini-courses and pathways among lessons can be created too. 

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