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November 2020
Webinar on Coaching Solutions from Science
ISCA is introducing a webinar series with coaches, sport scientists, and athletes discussing the art and science of coaching swimming.
The topic of our first webinar will be “Athlete Mental Health during the COVID Crisis.” The webinar will include an athlete, a coach, and two sport psychologists. We will send out another email with date, time, and connection instructions. We encourage you to submit questions for the webinar using the link below or Dr. Heil’s email address:
Physiological Responses to USRPT
The physiological responses to a USRPT (Ultra-Short, Race-Pace Training) set was measured in a recent study (Williamson, et al., 2020). Fourteen university swimmers performed 20 x 25 meter swims on a 35 second send-off interval. Heart rate and blood lactate values are shown in the graph below. The authors cautioned about the “acute physiological responses,” but acknowledged that “the specificity of USRPT in terms of technique, psychology and conditioning performed at race-relevant velocities would be desirable approaching competition.”
Corrected Link to Dr. Stephen Black PSA
Conventional Arm Entry Limits Performance
A new article by Dr. Havriluk explains the limitations of the conventional freestyle arm entry (shown above). The article describes an unconventional arm entry that:
* minimizes wasted time,
* improves leverage, and
* reduces shoulder stress.
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