Helping with kayaking efforts makes good sense for swim programs.

Kayaking is an important activity in the aquatic experience. When going to open water swimming, it is great to have plenty of support with people in kayaks. Kayaks can allow the guardians, parents and siblings to join the swimmers out on the water. Then the open water events are inclusive as there is something to do for everyone.

Swimmers and coaches can take turns between being in the canoe and kayaks and being in the water swimming. An open water race in Lido Key, Florida, offers two-person relays. In the seven-mile race, one person swims and the other paddles in a kayak. Then at any time, the two competitors can switch roles. Teamwork. Great experience for buddies. 

Plans could include:

  • Grants and proposals to sponsors,
  • expanded use of other swim pools and water resources around your area,
  • securing equipment and storage,
  • bestowing kayak digital badges,
  • SUP classes, even SUP yoga,
  • Engagements with scouts, first with the boats and then with swimming or a game of SKWIM,
  • Canoe water polo,
  • Equipment sharing coop.
Concept Map of inter-generation canoe water polo

Concept map. Get more involved in the open water swimming by having paddlers engaged.

Getting started

There are plenty of steps before one gets into the kayak, but is always a bit of a rush to enter the boat while on the water, even if it is with the calmest of conditions at the swimming pool.

Kayaks in the pool at Uniontown High School.

Canoe water polo happens in the winter months in the swim pool at Uniontown High School.

Dock entry at the pool

Dock entry at the swim pool.

World Games hosted Kayak Polo

Kayak polo news and highlights from the World Games

Safety Weekends

Hosting a kayak and small-craft safety weekend clinic would make a wonderful service project for swim teams and aquatic programs and camps.  

Kayak Stories

Kevin talks of a day he took a trip with his father.

Can you share your stories too?

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