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Benito Velasco of Columbia is an internet friend and father of a talented young man who swims fast. Benito provided his services, gratis, by providing the Spanish translation of a popular ebook, SprintSalo.

We’re seeking some high-level insights and feedback on the swimming of Benito’s son, Derek. He has some dominating performances on video below. Got any tips? Suggestions, praise. fine points are all welcome.

His coach, and his dad, is interested in getting the feedback. They are hungry for insights. Of course, they’ve deployed the concepts in the SprintSalo book. He is a sprinter.

Video of indoor 100-meter race. Watching swimmer, Derek, in lane 3 (3rd from top). Final time: :52.23 LCM. Looking at the conversion to short course meters on the SwimSwam site, that amounts to 45.86 SCY time, for what that is worth.

Race with Anthony Irvin, summer 2017 festival

Swimming megastar, Anthony Irvin, visited Columbia and they held a 50-meter freestyle special race. Derek is in lane 3, and Anthony is in lane 4.

There are plenty of other swim videos from dad on his YouTube channel. Lots of the videos there are of other kids on the team and in the area.

Honestly, I’m (Mark Rauterkus) not sure what to suggest!

Generally, I’m not one who is at a loss for words nor constructive criticism. Remote coaching is fun. But this guy is fast and I don’t see too much that needs to be re-tooled.

After watching the 50-meter race against Anthony, I have very tiny suggestions in terms of drops and splashes of water — minor importance — going forward in advance of the swimmer giving a sign, perhaps, that he could clean up his entry. That’s a reach, pun intended. Not sure how that’s going to translate. I posted in a private message that he is doing everything well. Bravo to him and his coaches.

 NCAA bound — perhaps?

In my humble opinion, if I’m a college coach at a Division I program, I’m booking a flight and vacation to Columbia before Eddie Reese places a few phone calls. I am not 100% certain, but I think he is a year or two away from high school graduation, but I’m not sure.

Mark, my son is planing to go to The United States for university, and continue swimming. It could happen for July or August 2019.  Meanwhile, he will continue training, his coach uses the USRPT and SprintSalo.

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