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Swim Science Newsletter
February 2021
Video Series on Pain and Sport Performance
Great insights on pain and sports performance!
Learn from an expert and come to better understand a complicated element within sports by watching Dr. John Heil’s three-part series on pain and sport performance.
This ISCA service is presented without charges:
Freestyle and Backstroke Shoulder & Hip Rotation
How does torso rotation change as swimmers go faster? The body roll amplitude of ten, elite, male swimmers was analyzed (Gonjo, Fernandes, Vilas‑Boas, & Sanders, 2021). The authors concluded that with an increase in swimming velocity, swimmers maintain the amplitude of shoulder and hip rotation in backstroke, but decrease the amplitude in freestyle. The graph shows rotation at maximum swimming velocity. 
Webinar on Coordinating with a Strength Coach
Join an ISCA webinar providing you with insights on ways of coordinating with a strength coach. It will be on Zoom at 9 am New York Time, February 28, 2021. Presenters include:
  • Brandon Fischer, USA National Team Member
  • Alex Silver, Head coach of Livermore Aquacowboys 
  • Carlene Takaki, Assistant Coach PASA, Founder of Fastswims
  • GJohn Mullen, strength coach of Brandon Fischer
Participants can ask questions via the chat room.
Videos on Pandemic Safety for Athletes
Get expert advice in two programs that deal with athletes in our time of the Covid-19 pandemic. The world is one-year into this realm of dealing with the virus, and we’re coming to understand more and more.
Athlete mental health has become much more important. Hear from four experts in a 26-minute video. Click to see the video on Youtube.
Returning to training and competitions after being hit by Covid-19 gets pulled into focus with a discussion with two, ER, medical doctors. Click to see the video on Youtube.
Freestyle Technique for Sprint & Distance – Part II
Similarities in the arm motion for sprint and distance were presented in the January issue of Swimming World. Differences in the arm coordination for sprint and distance – opposition coordination (top image) for distance and superposition coordination (bottom image) for sprints are explained in the February issue. Click to read a summary of:
Part II – February at Swimming World.
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