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Water polo for swim coaches, mini-course and master-mind group expected

If you are interested in helping swim coaches cross over and take a new role as the leader of a water polo squad, sign-up to be included within our cadre of coach instructors. The facility is forming. Leave a message a the bottom of this page if you want to help. 

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This blog can harbor news of your camp, teams, events and tactics.


The BGC truck hauls water polo goals around town. Here it is in the Pittsburgh Hill District outside the Thelma Lovette YMCA.

Brochure for age group water polo
Logo of Pittsburgh Renegades Water Polo

Play water polo with the Pittsburgh Renegades

Summer Dreamers water polo

Summer Dreamers water polo camp

Water polo team

Championship game, 16-12, Tiger Water Polo of Pittsburgh over Chicago's Windy City A squad, Cincinnati Shoot Out at Moose Water Polo, 2014.

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  • Unfortunately, Indiana Univerity’s Women’s Team had to cancel their trip to Pittsburgh. They apologized and promised to come next year. So, no 10-12 pm clinic.

    However, we will still keep the 1-3 pm Masters vs High School Boys game at NASH.

  • Steve H reports that we have a few open spots on our team for the DC tournament on October 7/8, 2017. I’ll be driving from Pittsburgh in case anyone wants a ride.. please let me know if you or any water polo counterparts across the country are interested in playing!

    See the Waterpolo Pgh Masters group on Facebook.

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