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May 2021

What’s Wrong With This Picture?
The above graph (Leblanc, et. al, 2007) shows the velocity fluctuations of an elite breaststroker over one stroke cycle. Would you use this swimmer as a model? Applying mechanical principles to optimize technique is a better option than modeling champions as presented in a recent article in Swimming World.
Corrected Link for Study on Backstroke Start
A recent study compared backstroke start joint extension sequences (Nara, Ikeda, Shimojo, Sato , Ichikawa, Baba & Shimoyama, 2021). Male and female national caliber swimmers were tested using three different leg extension protocols. The results support the value of extending at the hips before the knees.

ISCA Webinars
Effective Arm Entry and Catch with Coach/Swimmer Miller Albury (top left), Coach Kathleen Prindle (bottom right), and Dr. Rod Havriluk (bottom left) was just posted.
Athlete Mental Health with Dr. John Heil, Dr. Ina Harizanova, Coach Sergio Lopez Miro, and Swimmer Farida Osman is also available.

Do Expert Swimmers Have Expert Technique?
Athletes and Non-Athletes Needed For Study
The Athlete Transition Study is recruiting participants for an online survey researching athletes’ retirement and outcome experiences. 
We are looking for:
1) Retired athletes from all sports (collegiate level or higher), and
2) Non-athletes.
Logic programming allows you to skip non-applicable questions so that the survey can take as little as 10 minutes. Click for more info.

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