Swim Teams are most often small businesses. Here are some misconceptions.


Misconceptions People Have about Small Business Finance

Running a successful business as well as a successful swim team requires a clear understanding of its finances. 

Grasping these finances takes a lot of planning and organization. It's essential that you do so.

Unfortunately, finances present a major challenge for many coaches and small businesses. To help you master these skills more quickly, here are a few common misconceptions people have about finance.

Starting a swim team and a small business requires prohibitive upfront costs.

The biggest misconception about starting a business is that it takes a great deal of investment upfront. However, overhead costs have never been as low as they are today. As a result, many businesses launch with little more than an internet connection.

For swim teams, water is also a pressing need. But, many pool options are available, especially for the small groups and lesson programs. 

What it requires is good planning and a keen understanding of your market. For example, if you know your audience well, you can create offers they'll like that can be found with a simple search on the web and with strong word-of-mouth assistance.

Using search engine optimization rather than traditional advertising cuts the costs of spreading awareness.

High Profitability Is the Same as Good Cash Flow

There are several essential financial documents every business needs to manage. These are a Profit and Loss Statement, a Balance Sheet, and a Cash Flow Statement. Each is important in assessing the health and performance of your business.

Unfortunately, many business owners confuse profitability with cash flow.

Cash flow is a key performance indicator that tells you how much money is coming into and going out of your business at a given time. In addition, it shows how much cash you have on hand for investments and paying bills.

It's not a measure of profits. For example, a company can have high yields but no money to spend. Alternatively, you could have excellent cash flow with declining or no profits.

Any Debt Is Bad Debt

Many small business owners mistakenly believe you only need to borrow money when times are tough. But actually, taking out loans helps a business in various ways as long as you can manage them effectively.

Debt is useful for small businesses. It provides the cash you can use today for benefits tomorrow. For example, you can use a loan to invest in the growth of your business. Take advantage of opportunities you couldn't otherwise due to limited cash flow.

It can also benefit your business by lending it credibility. Just as a credit card helps you build your personal credit, taking out a business loan and meeting repayment obligations enables you to expand your business credit.

Banks Are the Best Source of Small Business Financing

When a business needs a loan, the first option that comes to mind is usually a bank. This is the most established and trusted source of funding. But it's often difficult for small businesses to get the financing they need from banks as they tend to be more conservative in lending.

There are many other sources of funding you can choose for your business, including:

  • Crowdfunding - where startups raise money by seeking small contributions from a large pool of individuals or organizations through online platforms.
  • Venture Capital - an alternative to traditional bank loans that pool investors and support startups in their early stages. Not many swim teams get to this point.
  • Sponsors
  • Angel Investors - wealthy individuals who support startup companies they see as having high growth potential. Angel investors often provide mentoring and other help as well.
  • Government Programs - like the Small Business Administration in the United States offer loans with favorable conditions.
  • Personal Savings - especially if your startup costs are relatively minimal, you can save and fund yourself.
  • You can also seek support from friends and family.

Taxes Are Just Once a Year

Many small businesses forget about taxes until the official tax season. However, you must constantly plan your finances all year round to pay taxes most effectively. Otherwise, you may be scrambling to get your taxes done in time and miss out on saving opportunities.

Tax planning is a year-round task for two reasons. First, you need to manage cash flow so you have the money to pay your taxes without taking away from other expenses and investments. If not, your cash flow will suffer after you pay your taxes.

The second reason is that you can reduce your tax burden significantly by taking advantage of deductions, exemptions, and tax credits.

It's Okay to Mix Business and Personal Finances at First

In the early stages, many people mix their business and personal finances. You might do this because your business finances aren't complicated, and it's easier to use your personal credit card or bank account. But from day one, your business and personal finances should be separate.

You must do your business's accounting separately to comply with tax law and other regulations. In addition, if you run into trouble, you might be held personally liable for business debts or legal problems your business incurs.

It's also crucial because you need to see your business's financial situation and performance.

It's Too Early to Worry about Business Finances

Many small businesses believe that managing their finances is something to do once they start making a profit. The truth is that you need to start taking care of your finances as soon as you set up your business.
One primary reason is that your finances are closely connected to your business goals. Think strategically about how you invest and earn money in the early planning stages. It would help to consider finance and taxes when creating your business structure.

Managing your finances early allows you to make informed decisions, build your credit, and take advantage of opportunities in the market.

Small Business Finances Are Complicated

When you're new to small business finance, it may seem complicated. However, learning about finance and establishing good financial practices early will make managing your money much easier in the long run.

Where do you turn to get your business advice?

Leave a comment in the box below with your tips and pointers.

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