Summer Dreamers

Pittsburgh Public Schools calls its summer school, Summer Dreamers Academy.

More than 1,500 students, mostly in elementary grades, get to attend a 27 day "summer camp" at no charge. The morning starts with an all camp meeting and then two academic periods -- literacy and math. The afternoons are for different activities. 

A favorite activity since 2010 has been SKWIM & Water Polo.

In 2020, ISCA helped to sponsor the cyber swim camp experience. Lesson plans, photos and insights from throughout the years are archived in a wiki, Info on digital badges, connected writing, quizzes and the online course is now being harbored as a service at the ISCA Library, see

Water polo play with noodles

Richie shoots at Sam.

Summer Dreamers at PCA

Students from Camp Langley got to swim at PCA. In 2020, the aim was to have the camp be at PCA, as Camp Classical. We''ll get to swim soon enough.

Discussions and lessons of goals are part of the camp experience

Swimmers and water polo players are excellent with their goal setting. Swim coaches are great at stressing goals as part of the seasonal progression.

Learn more about Swim & Water Polo Camp

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