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Hi All,
Once upon a time, I was a new coach of a young team with superstar / MVP athletes and our championship swim meet was on the same weekend as a best friend’s wedding, five states away. Well, I took the team to Chicago and as they went to the meet, I went to the airport. Each kid got a hand-written letter and the team was in the good hands of assistants.
This weekend another team in another league goes into its most important playoff game and its head coach won’t be present. Welcome to Pittsburgh to the Cleveland Browns! The Browns play its first playoff game in decades and the head coach is home — not for a wedding — but with Covid-19. Fans won’t be present either — except on TV.
Staying connected to current events, to society at large, and especially with your friends and family, and with the help of the light of sports and social media is a worthy endeavor.
So today’s job: Take a moment and get your head around the playoffs and tell us your pick to win the NFL’s Super Bowl.
I’ve stitched together a mini quiz / tutorial that ends with a simple tweet.
If I’m a coach today, and I am — as you’re reading this email, I’d engage with my crew to talk about football. There are 6 games + the college game too.
Don’t go out and about. Hunker down. Keep an eye on the games and use that as an excuse to stay connected and widen perspectives.
The quiz leads you to a tweet, what team do you think is going to win the Super Bowl.
Let us know on Twitter.
And cheers for the social media platforms for pulling the plug on the POTUS!
Do you have a favorite playoff team? Tweet it as a group!
+ +
Another urgent matter — the ISCA Counterattack offer expires in a matter of hours.
Some have purchased access for their staff, friends and larger network, so they can share out their coupon code — URGENTLY.
+ +
Warp Speed baby — Go, go, go! We need those vaccines so we can resume duties of hosting swim meets in outdoor facilities in St. Petersburg, FL, at the end of March and April. The ISCA meet reservations are closing.
See you on Twitter.
Long term, if you have an idea for a quiz for your team or for a more general release if it is on sports and fitness, sorta like the one above, ISCA might be able to help. Email ideas with Qs & As to:
Thanks for reading!
Mark Rauterkus
Current Events:
Play along at our new NFL Playoff and Super Bowl Prediction / Social Media Challenge at


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