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Get Your Feet Wet - Swimming, a course that is open and free to take and promote elsewhere

Three cheers for the community magazine, Academy Press, in the UK, for its latest edition. Sweet cover art and designs of the email publication! Bravo!

The notable mention within the magazine is its highlighting of the course hosted at Read.SwimISCA.org called Get Your Feet Wet -- Swimming.

Your community might have a publication that can also feature more generic swimming content. All are encouraged to get a similar placement with our fun course so that the citizens and readers in your neck of the woods can get these insights too. 

Have you seen the course? Give it a whirl. Then, give it a plug with your:

  • school districts, 
  • your community papers,
  • your church community,
  • your safety committees,
  • your wellness circles, and
  • your area's childrens hospitals. 
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Feel free to promote ISCA with your team's outreach!

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