Sportsmanship lesson: Flinging a shoe, flipper or fin can end your team’s playoff hopes.


LSU Tigers visit Florida Gators on Trophy Weekend on the Gridiron

A win for the Florida Gators over last season's champions would have put the Gators in the hunt for this year's national title playoffs. 

After a good defensive play, the LSU player's shoe comes off his foot and the Florida player grabs the shoe and tossed it 20-yards down the field. An unsportsmanship penalty was called. That penalty helped to sustain a drive that resulted in a LSU score, winning the game.

What the video to see the highlights.

No matter what, tossing a flipper, fin, sneaker or shoe isn't a good move. And, it could cost your team greatly.

Had Florida won the game, the team would have sustained its hopes of winning it all. The loss to LSU in the game means that the Gators have a slim to none chance of getting into the final four playoff games for NCAA DI football.

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