Chartiers Valley High School’s swim pool

Chartiers Valley High School
50 Thoms Run Rd, Bridgeville, PA 15017

Coordinates: 40.380320, -80.105830

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On campus:

When you turn into the school grounds, pass a guard gate, you then ascend a hill. Continue strait. Expect a lot of school construction on your right. The road is a bit torn up from construction, but continue around to the rear of the school and the parking area is near the football field. Park and walk to enter the school building through door 16.

Door 16 at CV High School, near the football field.
Door 16 at CV High School, near the football field.

Once in the building, signs directing you to the pool.

Long hallway at CV HS
Walk down the long hallway to its end and turn right (only way to go).

Swim pool is to the right, while the gym is to the left.

Entry to the pool.
Entry doors to the pool. See you on the pool deck.


Ball drop in the deep end at the CV pool. CV has 2 pool, end to end, of six lanes and 25 yards long, or without the builkhead, a 50-meter pool.
swim pool with diving boards
CV pool has a scoreboard and two diving boards that can be adjusted up or down on a lift.
water polo team in the tank at CV. Spectators in stands.
CV has spectator bleachers along one side of the pool.
CV has the ability to host two water polo games or else have a nice warm-up space in the other pool. The other pool is shallow at the far wall. The shallow pool would be a great place to play SKWIM while the deep end was for the older folks playing water polo.
girls by a pool light
Pool lights at CV.
guys on the bench
In 2018, a major school rehab is being conducted and the school building around the existing pool is getting a major overhaul. The blue wall was a temporary barrier.

In October, 2019, CV's pool was the site of the Collegiate Water Polo Association DIII Men's Eastern Tournament. The final game was won by Johns Hopkins University over Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Even hosted by Washington & Jefferson College.

Of note, the bulkhead was lowered and the competitive pool was made longer than 25-yards. 

CV pool was a bit dark, but it was long enough with the bulkhead down. The goals were an additional distance away from each other. The goals were on loan from Pitt. The side lines were the connectors for making the 50-meter ropes.

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