Psych sheets for ISCA Elite Showcase. Who else should get these meet announcements? Pass the word or sign them up.


Elite Showcase 2021
Psych Sheets are posted.
Feel free to post a copy of the meet logo on your team’s website and social media posts.
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Put a link to the main meet page too.
Tip #1:
This week, the ISCA International Senior Cup is unfolding at the same pool. It is available to watch, as is the ISCA Elite Showcase, on a livestream, paid, at When you sign up, you pay for a month of service. It might be fun to sign up early and watch the older swimmers compete. Yesterday, Ryan Lochte won both the 200m IM and the 100m backstroke.
Tip #2:
You need to sign up in advance to have the professional photographer capture images of the swimmers. Details on the meet page.
Tip #3:
ISCA is a membership organization that welcome’s your annual payment of $75. In the past months, a drastic overhaul and expansion has been made to the Global Library for ISCA Members, a benefit of membership. There are now 200+ lessons in the collection and more are flowing into that site every week. Sign up at or at the main site, learn about membership, This resource might be a splendid gift for your newly hired coaches even those that coach summer clubs and scholastic teams.
Tip #4:
Keep in the loop by watching the ISCA Facebook Page and spreading the link for others who are engaged in the meet. You can sign them up, or point them to the page behind the button below:
International Swim Coaches Assocation |

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