Pool noodle hacks


Got Noodles? Of course you do.

By placing a pool noodle in the gap between the washing machine and wall, you’ll hopefully never have to force yourself in that gap to pick up the sock that dropped down between the crack.

There is also a crack between the washing machine and dryer, if you don't have a stacked system.

What are your other hacks for the use of pool noodles, in and out of the pool?

  • Lightsaber battles,  
Noodles make a hoop in the water

Noodles make a hoop in the water.

Noodles float water polo goals with rope

Use a non-floating goal to float in the water with the aid of a rope and noodles. With the younger kids and a busy camp setting, hang the goals at the backstroke flags. Then extra swim stations can be used for teaching, underwater photos, or diving practice in the deep end, in the space between the end wall the the backstroke flags. This way the pool is broken into three areas. 

Noodle between wall and washing machine hack
Noodle boosting the swimmer

Deep water swimming and SKWIM and/or water polo play can last longer with a noodle between one's legs for extra buoyancy.

SKWIM plays well in two games at once

The photo shows a six lane pool split with one lane line into two courses that are both 3-lanes wide. Then four teams can play at once in two different games of SKWIM. Play for 7 minutes per half, then switch ends. Then play winners vs. winners and losers vs losers for the next game. 

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