New Facebook group opening to talk about college swim recruiting. Ask to join if you desire.


Facebook group about college swim recruiting

Click button or click the image to go to the FB page.

You can also use the comments here on this blog page to ask questions.

Bonus Tip for those entering high school and seeking to swim in college:

  1. Swim fast. Get faster. Chart your progress in all your events and strokes.
  2. Be a kind, interested human.
  3. For connections and relationships for references as a 9th grader. The budding and build relationships that last for some years to come are valuable for references. But, those adults can also help with discussions and directions. 
  4. Research different majors and professions with lots of conversations each week. Don't dwell and chat endlessly about the school nor the major. Rather, think more about what might be your life-long profession and passions. Get grounded in your own skin and set sights on a journey with long-term direction. Then the choices for college / university are more clear and discussions are not as awkward.

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