A High School Season in USRPT

A High School Season in USRPT, Ultra Short Race Pace Training by Lori Jo McCullough, ISCA edition.


Broadcasting Sports and Activities, especially at the swim pool

Let's turn on the media! Let's become better media players!

This course helps to offer a foundation for encouraging and establishing the broadcasting at the pool, on a budget.

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Open Water Swimming

Other topics: OWS trips, hydration, feeding on the swim. What to wear; suits, tri like suits, insulated head wear, wet suits. 


  • First time swimmer. First time racer. Chime in.
  • Tell us of your experiences when you were a first-time open-water swimmer. And, we want you to share the story of the first times you were in an open water race. What did you go through?
  • We want to hear about the best places in your areas for open water swimming.
  • What have the authorities been doing in terms of allowing and denying access to popular recreational spots around you?
  • When are you expecting to be able to swim in open water?
  • What other groups do you follow and reach out to for information about open water swimming?
  • Can you share your best story of a good time in your past with open water swimming?
  • Safety matters, of course. Can you share a tip and some advice you think others should know about how to navigate around trouble and possible injuries in open-water settings?

Call to action:

  • Sign-up to follow-along with ISCA’s open-water swimming discussions and get notified of the open-water swim content, course and events.
  • Sign-up for the ISCA’s East Coast Open Water Championships to be held in Virginia in October, 2020.
  • Lend your assistance, expertise and make yourself available for a recorded interview to uncover and share your tips and expectations of open water swimming with yourself and your team.
  • Learn of and purchase some new technology to help with your open water swimming. This device, a wearable with GPS capabilities, costs $150 and comes with a free ebook.
  • Get a pair of full-foot swim fins that are well suited for open water swimming. These fins float. Plus, they are short so as to not make drastic changes to one’s stroke and tempo. The fins are rounded so as to allow the swimming of all four strokes. Plus, the fins are full-foot can can offer a layer of protection to the feet. Cost $____
  • Get an aquatic mat that you can haul to your open water venue to help with your team’s practices by providing an island for meetings and help to designate the course. The AQUA LILY PADs offer plenty of benefits for coaching the crew in lakes and rivers, with and without kayak support. Cost $ ____
  • Get a peek at a copy of the ISCA open water resources and references for your online research. Includes links to articles and groups online, plus facilities, etc.
  • Join the International Swim Coaches Association and get access to the members only library and move to become a certified professional coach. $75 per year.

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