Swimming’s 1650, an event of 1,650 yards, is called “the mile.” The distance is  66 lengths in a 25-yard pool.


The aim is to get a group of more than eight people to join together as a peer group and swim a one-mile time trail every month of the year. We hope to begin when there are more than five swimmers.

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To participate, put your name and contact into into the comments of this web page. This is a public page, so you might want to send any private insights directly to

Our 1-mile time trails

Every month, certain practices are designated for the purpose of doing one-mile time trials in a casual setting. These swim opportunities are informal and serve as a challenge to willing participants. Compete, improve, chart your progress, race the clock.

RSVPs are required

These practices times are subject to change and if none are going to be present, we’ll go home and watch TV. Let us know if you are going to attend. Call, text, email, something. Coach Mark can be reached at, and cell phone, 412-298-3432.

Entry into the school and finding the pool

These are big buildings. We’re swimming at times when it can be difficult to get into the building and find the pool. If lost, call Coach Mark, 412-298-3432. Read the advance reconnaissance to help you better gain entry and find the swim pools:


To be exact, the swimmers’ mile of 66-lengths is not the exact distance of a mile in terms of yards and inches. But it is a standard and 1650-yards close. The 1650 distance was used back in the day as it was more in line with the 1500-meter race. This opens up the whole yards and meters can of worms and we’ll leave that for another blog post or an in-person conversation for the pool deck, perhaps as we count for a friend doing their mile.

Great article as to why every swimmer should swim the 1650:

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