Mental Health During Covid


Dr. Stephen Black PSA on Covid-19

ISCA Sport Science Network member, Dr. Stephen Black, has a six-minute PSA on Covid19 explaining related heart problems and strategies for recovery. Dr. Black is a physical therapist and an assistant professor at Florida Gulf Coast University.

COVID-19 has affected us all – even swimmers!

  • How does COVID-19 affect the heart?
  • What are the signs/symptoms of Covid’s effect on the heart?
  • How do we manage an athlete with heart problems from Covid?
  • How can we safely return to sports following Covid?

Coaching Solutions from Science

ISCA is introducing a webinar series with coaches, sport scientists, and athletes discussing the art and science of coaching swimming.

The topic of our first webinar will be “Athlete Mental Health during the COVID Crisis.” The tentative date and time is October 27, 2020 at 10 am New York time. We encourage you to submit questions for the webinar.
Click to submit questions to the presenters.

Questions For Improving Swimmer Performance?

To promote more dialog between coaches and scientists, coaches can submit questions to our Sport Science Network.

The network includes:

  • Dr Raul Arellano, Spain, Biomechanics
  • Dr Rod Havriluk, USA, Biomechanics
  • Dr Gina Sacilotto, Australia, Biomechanics
  • Dr John Heil, USA, Psychology
  • Dr Ina Harizanova, USA, Psychology
  • Dr Li Jing, China, Psychology
  • Dr Joel Stager, USA, Physiology
  • Dr Ernie Maglischo, USA, Physiology
  • Dr Dave Salo, USA, Physiology
  • Dr Ted Becker , USA, Physical Therapy
  • Dr Stephen Black, USA, Physical Therapy
  • Dr John Mullen, USA, Physical Therapy
  • J R Rosania, USA, Strength Training
  • Abby Knox, Canada, Nutrition

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