ISCA Summer Elite Showcase reservations has opened. Will your team sign up?


April 14, 2021
Thinking of summer!
Some bits of information for you from ISCA include insights on summer meets and the opening of the reservation process for the Age Group Meet too!
This email gives those who attended the recent ISCA Meets a heads up. Sorry. Not time to relax yet!
We gather again with age group swimmers in St. Petersburg, Florida, for ISCA’s Summer Elite Showcase from August 4 to 7, 2021.
The meet info and sign-up process is now on the website.
Make your squad’s reservations soon. We’ll share the links to both meets far and wide early next week.
This makes a great opportunity to obtain an ISCA Membership, $75, as you make your meet reservations. Thanks to those already clicked that membership box when signing up for the Senior Blast.
Early Birds, such as Condors & Eagles!
Three Cheers for new and/or renewing Annual Members to ISCA, from this past week and our prior email:
Jeffrey McClung
Teresa Meike
Jim Wargo
Nikolay Shevchenko
Alexis Keto
Web buzz!
Web traffic for swim team sites that have VANITY URLs that point to TeamUnify hosted sites seem to be breaking often.
If you have a URL for your team and if that URL does a re-direct to TeamUnify, you might want to check if it is working properly.
Open a an incognito window with your web browser and give it a whirl. A few of the teams that signed up for the ISCA Summer Senior Blast are seeing this.
People looking for summer swim lessons or in your community might not be finding your websites.
This email comes to you because your address was on a segment of ISCA subscribers who were signed up to the recent spring meets.
This segment will fade away soon!
To stay connected to the next round of meet news blasts, be sure to subscribe yourself and those who are headed to the July and August meets at the new lists specific to those meets.
Have you heard of the app, Clubhouse?
Sklyer Findley, Mark Rauterkus and some others are hosting chats geared to summer league coaches on Thursdays. The time has shifted up an hour. Meetings begin at 5 pm.
Every Thursday from 5 to 6 pm Eastern, we’re going to huddle on the social media platform, Clubhouse, to interact with summer-league coaches.
Skyler coaches a team in Nashville. We talked about what to do in your first week of summer-league practices.
I posted a fun video saying how I bring donuts to practice, at least once. These ones make my kids faster and better at their streamlines.
Watch the video on our blog to help the new kids.
If you have a iPhone and want an invite to join Clubhouse, email to
IMHO, Clubhouse can be a wonderful way to communicate while the Olympic Trials and Olympics unfold. We could de-brief after each session.

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