ISCA December Classics!


Details were changed leading into the meet due to the spike in the pandemic.

Information below is out of date. The Senior and Age Group events were held on the same weekend.

Two Meets Back-to-Back Weekends
Senior Meet – December 3-6, 2020
Age-Group Meet – December 10-13, 2020
Hargrave Pool
Onishi-Davenport Aquatics Center – Chatham, Virginia 24531
(434) 432-2481
One of the fastest pools on the east coast. The pool was designed by the late Ray Bussard, University of Tennessee Coach who was all about SPEED. The pool is a 25 yard by 50 meter course with over 18 ft. of deep water throughout most of the racing area.
Hargrave Military Academy
200 Military Drive
Chatham, VA 24531
We are working for you!
Senior Meet Information
We have worked very hard over the last two months to create a safe and fast venue for your athletes to compete in. Virginia Swimming, Inc. has been very helpful in making this possible. We must do everything right to make it a success for your swimmers and a safe place for all.
We will only be taking 400 swimmers for the Senior Meet, AND HAVE ABOUT 50 SLOTS LEFT. They will be divided into 100 swimmers per group. We will be swimming two days of long course events with the hopes of swimmers making Olympic Trial cuts, or their first Junior National Qualifying times, or having an opportunity to put on a tech suit and just swim a lifetime best. We will follow the 2-days of long course with 2-days of short course events. You can get your best times for long course and short course at this event.
For teams interested in attending, you will get higher consideration if you’ve attended ISCA events in the past. Another important factor, if your team is able to provide Officials, due to the long days, we will definitely give your team a higher consideration. See attached meet information. It is very important that you complete the information form online.
Age-Group Information
We have 100 slots available for this event! Sign up quick!
The Age Group Meet December 10-13, 2020, will be swam in all yards. We will divide the groups into 10 & Under, 11-12, and 13 & 14. We will not have any more than 100 swimmer per group. For instance, if we have 100 girls in an age group, and 100 boys in an age group, we will swim the girls first, and when they are all completed and have left the building, we will then swim the boys. So we could have two 10 & Under groups, two 11-12 groups, and two 13-14 groups, depending on the number of sign-ups.
It is very important about the fact we are seeking Officials and your team will be given a higher priority of acceptance into the event, if you are able to provide officials.
Don’t delay your sign up–Maximum of 400 swimmers being accepted, register now to avoid disappointment!
Please contact
or contact Doug Fonder at (540) 397-0505
Please visit our Event Page for updates and information

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