Invite to a Splash & Dash, half-mile swim + half-mile run, at the Open Water Festival


Dear Swim Friends:


This invite for you isn’t to a typical meet. Rather, we want you to come to a two-day open water festival.


The event at Smith Mountain Lake in western Virginia on September 24 and 25, 2022, makes a great weekend and wonderful way to squash typical, on-going complaints of indoor, winter swimming.


ISCA Splash & Dash logo


  • 5K Paddleboard Race, Saturday
  • 5K Swim Race, Saturday
  • Splash & Dash, (half-mile swim + half-mile run) Saturday
  • Half Mile Swim Race, Sunday (9 & Under only)
  • One Mile Swim Race, Sunday


After conquering the open-water one-mile, the 200s and 500s are a breeze.

Take a break from the early season indoors and extend the season with a great visit to nature and a fantastic venue.



Teams can sign-up with a web form and bring the entry check to the event. This is a t-shirt worthy experience, so get your athlete’s t-shirt sizes before making the entry at the team sign-up page:

We hope to see you soon. 




ISCA’s Meet Manager

Doug Fonder

International Swim Coaches Association Event Web Page

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Fwd: NZ Coach Mag – November 2022

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