How to return stronger after the pandemic


The two years of pandemic-related restrictions have changed not only careers, but entire lives.

by Scott Morris, LearnFit

As the United States and the rest of the world settle back into a more natural groove, is it time to boost your life?

Here are a few options to try:

For many Americans, life was put on hold during the pandemic. Whilst planning ahead was largely impossible, things have changed. This means we have a chance to reassess our lives and come back stronger. Boosting your life often requires lifestyle changes.

Three areas to consider include:

  1. leading a healthier life, 
  2. making time for family and friends, and
  3. building your career.

Boost your body

Living more healthily doesn’t mean you’re no longer allowed to tuck into that cheeseburger or enjoy a slice of cake. Instead, it means making small, sustainable choices that become habits over time. The same is true for adding exercise to your regimen. Start slowly and build your stamina over time.

As important as it is to establish new, healthy habits, it’s also crucial to forgive yourself when you break those habits. Having missed your exercise targets for a few days does not mean that all is lost. Simply make a point of picking up the mantle again tomorrow. If possible, find ways to work out at home, which can help you stick to your routine. Keeping your house clean and clutter-free can help you feel calmer and more at peace when you decide to develop an at-home routine. Paying more attention to your appearance has nothing to do with vanity and a lot to do with health, as well, both physical and mental.

Make anxiety your ally

Many people view anxiety as a negative emotion that should be avoided at all costs. However, anxiety can actually be a good thing. After all, discomfort is necessary for personal growth. If you're never anxious or uncomfortable, then you'll never push yourself to reach your goals. Instead, you'll just stay where you've always been. It's only when we step outside of our comfort zones that we can grow and learn new things. So next time you're feeling anxious, try to embrace the feeling and use it as motivation to reach your goals.

Who knows what you might achieve?

Reinforce relationships.

The pandemic-related restrictions have made it hard, if not impossible, to stay in touch with family and friends over the past year.

However, be honest with yourself: How much family time did you really spend before the pandemic?

Living closely together through various lockdowns was a challenge for many. Now is a great time to consider how to add more quality time with our loved ones into our day-to-day lives.

A family evening meal is a classic idea. Because of individuals’ schedules, this may not be possible every day.

But consider having at least one family night per week. It doesn’t have to be dinner. Maybe there is an activity the whole family enjoys?

Catching up with friends is equally important. After weeks or months of restricted outdoor activities, how about meeting for a coffee and a walk, or scheduling a regular lunchtime catch-up? Creating habits like these will add structure to your new lifestyle and is a great way of introducing healthy habits at the same time.

Charge up your career.

Speaking of healthy, how is your career? Many professionals had to make unplanned, and often haphazard adjustments during the first half of 2020. Not all of those have been negative. In most cases, employees and managers picked up new skills and adjusted to a new way of working.

As impromptu remote work is turning into long-term hybrid work, the opportunities for a healthier, more self-determined lifestyle are increasing. Consider speaking to your superiors about how you can work more flexibly.

Flexible working hours may also open the door to striving for new qualifications. Improving skills or acquiring knowledge in finance or data analysis can make the difference between your career stagnating or taking off. You can even explore higher education like a doctorate to make the most out of this transition time, as well as the technology available that makes online learning possible.

Despite all of the challenges during the pandemic, there are plenty of opportunities for lifestyle changes and career development that will help you and your family come back stronger. So, rethink your career, build those relationships, overcome any anxieties you have, and focus on the future.

Sean Morris runs Learnfit along with a team of like-minded individuals. He believes in the LearnFit mission, which helps visitors live healthy lives. Sean offers his advice on healthy living, parenting, and career planning on LearnFit.

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