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Talking Water Polo with an Italian Coach
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Reading list entry: The Anxious Generation (book)
After more than a decade of stability or improvement, the mental health of adolescents plunged in the early 2010s. Rates[...]
SONR, developing product and website – market research interview on wearable for swimmers for music and coach communications
Webinar covers plenty of insights to the new SONR Communicator product. Learn before you invest and buy one -- or 10.[...]
New video iOS app from GoSwim – webinar
Modernize Your Swimming Experience with GoSwim: The Video Share Data App for Coaches and SwimmersApril4 12:30 PM EDTNext session in:0days0hours0minutes0seconds[...]
Professional Pool Operator / a remote course offering
March21 2:00 PM EDTNext session in:0days0hours0minutes0seconds I consent to receiving emails and/or text message reminders for this event. REGISTER NOW
Achieving Balance in a Demanding World
Nurturing Balance: A Guiding Light for Swim CoachesIn the relentless rhythm of coaching, where long hours and underpaid roles are[...]
Wondering how many swim coaches find themselves on thin ice due to clueless micromanager bosses?
Length: 6:26What do you say?If you have a comment, put it into the box at the bottom of this post.If[...]
In advance of the PIAA State Meet, PA Records and Psych Sheet point projections
All of this is UNOFFICIAL!Don't believe everything you read on the internet.Corrections can be put into the comments at the[...]
Boys 100-yard back in WPIAL, PIAA District 7.
Pre Race Setting Joe Roth, Riverview, Senior, defending champion in the 100 back, record holder, is seeded second. He wears the[...]
Watch this 21-minute webinar and make a positive change to your summer swimming plans!
February24 4:26 PM ESTInstant watch session available. Join now!0days0hours0minutes0seconds +1 (United States)+61 (Australia)+43 (Austria)+32 (Belgium)+55 (Brazil)+1 (Canada)+86 (China)+57 (Colombia)+506 (Costa[...]
Revolutionizing Swimming with Dual Boards: The Story of Rip Current Sports
Webinar: Revolutionizing Swimming with Dual Boards: The Story of Rip Current SportsChapters00:00:13 - Teaching a Non-SwimmerTeaching a non-swimmer with a[...]
Webinar with the Swim Fin inventor
"Revolutionize Swim Education with Swim Fin - Join the Movement Today!"Introducing Swim Fin - The Innovative Swim AidHelping Kids Learn[...]
Shoulder Balance Routine – from recent CS Mag
A lot of great tips on the best ways to do a shoulder strength routine to keep healthy for swimmers.[...]
Ensuring a Safe Swimming Experience: A Guide for Parents
by Monica SmithSwimming pools offer a delightful retreat for families, especially during warmer months. Image via PexelsHowever, they also come with significant[...]
Making better swim instructors for aquatic programs throughout North America
The Importance of Upgrade and Teacher's Courses in Aquatic EducationIn this post, we'll be discussing the significance of upgrade and[...]
Super Bowl Predication Contest – justification explainer
By the way, it is too late to play at this time.The survey form is now inactive. But, we'll be[...]
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