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Covid-19 updates — open thread
Ontario sends signals about virtual meetsUpdates welcomeCan use the comments below.
Fwd: Do you need staffing support for your organization this year?
Do you need staffing support for your organization this year? Apply for an Up2Us Sports VISTA Register for Informational Webinar[...]
Strength Training and Sprint Performance
Strength Training Improves Sprint Performance In a recent study, university swimmers participated in a dry-land strength training program once per[...]
High School Sports without spectators means switching to broadcasting duties with gusto!
Games won't happen at all if there are issues around the gate.The principals and administrators already called for a 2-hour[...]
Update on the make-over of the Global ISCA Library for Members
Update: Alpha Release, August 1, 2020The Global Library for ISCA Members is getting ready for its public release in September,[...]
Call to Governor to allow for HS Sports Spectators from a State Senator
Martin Calls on Governor Wolf to Provide Guidance on High School Sports SpectatorsPosted on Jul 30, 2020HARRISBURG – Senator Scott Martin[...]
Pennsylvania scholastic sports delayed, but it is more like a snow delay, so they say.
WPIAL, district 7, within Pennsylvania, is delaying, slightly, the start of fall competitions.Swimming is a winter sport for both boys[...]
NY Women goes for swim in Maine, off island, wetsuit, and becomes first death ever due to Great White Shark
Not good. The water is so cold, that the sharks avoided Maine. Until now.Hope this is not a new trend. A[...]
Gamification Podcast / YouTube with Jason Pullano and SwimSwam
Fantastic gamification resources from Jason Pullano
First comes all the extra Covid-19 tasks, then this.
Lucky ducks! This costs zero Bitcoin to deploy if you do it yourself. #FridayHumor This is for the sake of[...]
Fwd: Webinar: Generating Fun, Energy & Laughter Remotely
Hey Coaches,Join Dale Sidebottom, who is changing the game with remote teaching and learning engagement. With many schools returning back[...]
Fwd: Join Us Thursday: Let’s Make Aquatic Safety Top of Mind
State of Aquatics:July 2020Thursday, July 23, 20201:00pm EST Register NowThank you to those who have already registered for our first monthly State of Aquatics[...]
Fwd: Embracing Change is Crucial in Restarting High School Sports, Performing Arts
--- Forwarded message --------- From: NFHS, National Federation of State High School Associations View as a Web page The NFHS Voice[...]
Covid-19 Action Plans and Aquatic Documents from Mechanicsburg
Thanks for sharing these COVID-19 forms for athletics and aquatics being used in Mechanicsburg, PA.Wonderful resources:,,,,,, and sign by guardian.Permission[...]
Covid-19 is getting the blame for a lot of lost sports teams
This website is a real head scratcher. Any other insight is most welcome.
National Federation has a course for high school coaches and administrators
NFHS Announce Covid Training Course The COVID 19 pandemic presents a myriad of challenges to high school athletic and activity[...]

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