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By Lori Briggs, Core Body Solutions LLC, Dryland Specialist

Training From Your “Center Out”

Dryland Training Program for Swimmers

  • Lori, of Core Body Solutions, has a unique method of training.

The system combines traditional systems with a more athletic and progressive approach to training. Her training systems are unique in that they offer bio-mechanically analyzed progressive forms of exercise that increase athletic performance.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Improved Posture.
  • Overall core muscles are strengthened and improvement of core stabilization, working from the inside out.
  • Better coordination.
  • Enhanced athletic performance.
  • Improved flexibility with support in order to allow the joints to work through a full-range of motion.
  • Creates a longer, leaner, and more balanced body.
  • Builds endurance and strength.

Within the human body, all movement begins from our “center,” or what we call the “powerhouse.” 

The powerhouse consists of the abs, lower back and gluteus maximus. These are the most important muscle groups for stabilization and strength.

A Systematic Dryland Training Program will always focus on specific movements having a specific purpose and goal. 

The more precise an athlete performs each movement, the more they increase the quality of that movement. Emphasis is placed on “flowing through each movement” to ensure that we work each joint through a full range of motion. Smooth, controlled, and flowing movements help emphasize flexibility throughout the body. In addition, by utilizing deep breathing techniques, the swimmer’s core will work much more efficiently.

“Core” is more than a 6-pack.

“Core” is the body’s deep muscles that stabilize and surround the torso, pelvis and spine. A strong core isn’t just about being lean, physically fit and strong.

There’s a difference between abs that look good and the core. Rigid washboard abs is one of the most coveted symbols of physical perfection. However, the benefits of a strong core run even deeper. If it is stable, any and all movements of the limbs can be stronger and more powerful in the sport of swimming.

It is one of the best ways to prevent back pain and injury, improve posture, build better balance and enhance your performance in swimming.

The benefits of a strong core run even deeper. It’s more than just our physical center. I call it my “inner fire” which connects all aspects of my personality: physical, mental and spiritual.

Most people tend to recruit one abdominal muscle, the rectus abdominus, better known as the “six-pack” muscle.

But the core on the other hand, is mostly an invisible system of deep muscles, nerves and connective tissue. Without a strong dryland training program for swimmers it makes it difficult to link together the upper and lower body.

Lori Briggs, DBA Core Body Solutions LLC, has been involved in a team-effort approach in constructing dryland programs for athletes and coaches that lays a foundation for all athletic success! 

Postural and Functional Analysis

  • Our bodies are sensitive to the forces of gravity and a large percentage of our brain’s functions are designed to counteract these forces. 

Lori’s goal has been to help restore an athlete’s posture that ultimately increases athletic performance. 

Alleviating biomechanical stress that often creates aches or pains will help swimmers function at a higher level.

Postures are determined by a multitude of factors including:

  • emotional state, 
  • body types,
  • habits,
  • heredity and
  • muscular balance. 

Look at the entire body when analyzing an athletes posture. 

Everyone’s body will alter itself in order to accomplish two things:

  • first, balance to remain upright and functional; 
  • second, shift the entire body in order to keep the eyes level.

By understanding this, Lori assists coaches in selecting the best exercises to help correct the condition. By observing active motions of the athlete, it will give insight into the actual biomechanics behind their movements and helps in designing a program specifically for them. 

Helping Athletes Find Neutral Spine

With the growing demand for exercises that just help improve the quality of everyday life or take a professional athlete to the next level, the word “neutral spine” has become a buzzword.

  • Become educated as to what neutral spine is, why it is important, and what muscles are involved. 

Neutral spine involves aligning the body between postural extremes, thus decreasing the risk of injury and increasing exercise efficiency.

Neutral is the position that imposes the least amount of stress on the body. Any deviation from the neutral plumb line usually indicates muscles imbalance, which can lead to injury in an athlete.

Consistently performing exercises out of alignment will often manifest chronic aches and pains and inhibits a competitive athlete from gaining the edge over their competition. Also exercising out of neutral alignment may be inhibiting the recruitment of certain muscles necessary to perform the movements correctly.

It is important to evaluate neutral spine in an athlete while they are standing, lying and kneeling.

  • One of the best ways for athletes to learn this is to experiment with various postural extremes themselves.
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