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Athletic Departments are asked to think again about their investments

  • For the sixth time in franchise history, the Green Bay Packers are offering ownership shares to the public for $300. 
  • The terms: the stock will have no value, pay no dividends, and give owners no say in team matters.

Or, for half that amount, $150, you could invest in ISCA and its 2 gets 10 special, the first and only offer of its type, not the sixth. This way you and up to nine others get annual ISCA Memberships with full access to the Global Library for ISCA Members with its 200+ lessons in the Learning Management System. Then your staff and all the assistant coaches are enriched, educated, motivated and thing about your program’s delivery of a high quality aquatics experience for your community.

That’s value and leadership with dividends and impact for your team of coaches, swim instructors and boosters who could step up to the ranks of coach status with the proper instruction and encouragement.

You want those around you with say in their participation to make reasoned, trusted and informative decisions.

Get this and fire up those in your program with mind food.

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Come and Join The Fun!



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