Entry to Oliver High School Pool on the Northside, 2323 Brighton Road, Pittsburgh 15212


This page describes how to gain entry to the indoor swim pool on the Northside within Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Oliver High School, now called Oliver Citywide Academy.


Oliver’s pool is 6-lanes, 25-yards long with nice deck space. Lane lines, starting blocks, and deck-level locker-room facilities exist. The balcony has been closed to spectators. Lighting, paint and showers are not ideal, but the water has always been great. The gutters are perfect for SKWIM’s slot-style game. Coach brings in the AutoCoach pace clocks / scoreboard. Some kickboards and fins are available.

Saturday Swim School happens at Oliver High School.

Oliver High School is NOT the same as the Oliver Bath House. Both are public indoor swim pools but are in different locations in Pittsburgh. PPS Oliver High School is on the Northside. Meanwhile, Oliver Bath House is on the city’s South Side and is operated by Citiparks.


Finding the swim pool on the weekend when most of the school is locked is easy once you navigate the insights here.

Oliver High School, 2323 Brighton Road, Northside, Pittsburgh, PA 15212


  • Oliver is on the Northside, behind Heinz Field by less than 2 miles.
  • Oliver is just up the hill from BreadWorks Bakery.
  • A large cemetery is both next to and across the street from Oliver.
Landmark: Directly across the street from Oliver is a huge cemetery. Likewise, when driving to Oliver up Brighton Road, a part of the cemetery is on the same side of the road as the school.
Oliver High School, now called Oliver Citywide Academy, is on Brighton Road on the Northside. When entering the school to go to the pool or gym on the weekend, do not go to the front doors.

Parking lot is on the side of building by a loading dock

Oliver has plenty of parking in an adjacent lot, especially on the weekends.
Look for the loading dock and park the car. The pool to the gym and swim pool is to the right.

Entry along a ramp and sidewalk at the side of the building and to the double doors

These are the only doors that will be open.
Hint: Sign to pool. Glass blocks around the doors.

Entry to gym to the right and pool entry is the door to the left

Left door goes to the pool.
Breadcrumbs, sorta.
Down the stairs to the locker-area and the swim pool.
Gym at Oliver is upstairs. The swim pool is down a level.
Pool deck photo at Oliver after a visit from kids from Northgate’s swim team.
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