Do not let this happen in your state. Administrators changed the fabric of sport without consulting a single coach!


First posted on January 7, 2023. Updated after the state championships on March 20, 2023.

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Evil doings:

  • Reasons for the change shifted in the wind. The reasons why just didn't add up. And when those objections were overcome, the reasons changed.
  • No swim nor dive coach was consulted before the change was made.
  • No swim committee was consulted before the change was made. It was a complete blindsided move.
  • Another state went to a 6-dive championship, so it was said. But, that is NOT the case when investigated.
  • With the change, divers in PA won't be able to dive in the state meet and have their performance count for All-American honors.
  • College coaches want to see 11-dive lists for considerations to try-out for the team.
  • A PIAA Board Meeting was held, and public comment from the dive coaches was not permitted.

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Fantastic Interview with Class AAA Boys Champion after the PIAA Meet in 2023 

11-Dive Invite hosted by the Beaver Bobcats

Saturday, January 28, 2023

More on an 11-dive diving meet in Beaver, past event in the wake of the rule change.

Welcome to the 2023 Beaver Bobcats Diving Invitational hosted by Beaver Area High School. The competition will be an 11-dive meet, providing the divers with a Championship style experience. 

GIRLS: Warmup 8:00-9:00 am Meet Start: 9:00 am

BOYS:  Warmup 11:45am-12:45 pm Meet Start: 12:45 pm


1.  Each diver must perform 11 dives

2.  Diver must perform 1 vol. dive from each of the diving groups

3.  Diver must perform 6 opt dives at least 1 from each of the 5 diving groups. NO min degree of difficulty (DD).

4.  Awards will be given to the top 8 girls and top 8 boys divers


The meet shall consist of 5 vol. dives and 6 opt. dives.

1. The 5 vol. dives DD will not exceed a total of 9.0

2. The 6 opt. dives will include at least one from each of the five groups.

3. All five groups must be represented in the first eight rounds.

4. Each round shall be as follows:

a. Preliminaries—any 2 vol. and 3 opt.  

b. Semifinals—2 vol. and 1 opt.  

c. Finals—1 vol. and 2 opt.  


Diving order will be determined prior to the start of the meet.

  •    If there are more than 20 entries in each competition (boys and girls), the cuts will be as follows:

o 16 after 5 dives, and 12 after 8 dives


ENTRIES: Entries will be submitted via DiveMeets and are due by NOON (12:00pm) on January 27th 

      Information on how to register on DiveMeets and submit entries are below.



  1. $30.00 per diver

  2. Checks made payable to Beaver Area School District - Attn: Athletics

  3. Please include on the memo line: Beaver Diving Invitational

  4. Mailed To:

Beaver Area High School

Attn: Athletics

1 Gypsy Glen Rd. Beaver, PA 15009


ADMISSION: General Admission $5.00 (Children 10 and under are FREE). Spectator seating and viewing balcony available.

SPECTATORS: No noise makers on the pool deck or in the spectator area. Violators will be asked to leave.


LOCATION:  Beaver Area High School, 1 Gypsy Glen Rd., Beaver, PA 15009

Beaver Bobcats Diving Invitational on DiveMeets

Entry Procedure for Divers: All divers must submit entries on-line @ 

There is no charge for divers to register with To register with dive meets go to the registration page:  

Fill out all the information properly; it’s very important to fill out all the information correctly. Make sure you select “No” when it says “Are you a meet director?”. Under the Organization Membership select Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) and Diver. Make sure all information is correct and then click “Register” at the bottom of the page. After finalizing registration you will receive an email with your account information (Dive Meets ID number and password) that you will need to register for the invitational. 

Coaches: You need to be registered with DiveMeets before your divers enter a meet online. Registration is free. To register with dive meets go to the registration page:  

When your divers enter a meet online they must select your name from a drop down list of coaches. If your name is not there they must wait for you to create an account. If you have not registered, your name will not be there to select.

Only Register Once! If you forgot your password or account number Click Here

DO NOT make a new account!

Login: To enter a meet or update your DiveMeets account information, Login on the left side of this screen by entering your DiveMeets ID Number and password. If you cannot remember your password, click where it says "Forget Your Password”? After you enter a meet on DiveMeets.Com, you may come back at any time (until the close of online sign ups) and change your Dive Sheet. The new dives will immediately update on DiveMeets.Com Event Sheets.

Divers and Coaches: To change a Dive Sheet 

• Log in 

• That brings up the "Pool Deck page" 

• Below the name of the meet you have entered click "Dive Sheets" 

• Select "Update Dive Sheet" (Coaches select a diver) 

• Make your dive changes & submit 

Important: Never Give Anyone Your DiveMeets Password 

Dive Meets has a help page ( along with support email address, if you have any questions or issues related to Dive Meets.

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