The Diversity in Aquatics Movement

The focus is on empowering communities through education and involvement in aquatic physical activities, water safety awareness and drowning prevention efforts in traditionally underrepresented communities and vulnerable populations.

ISCA gives participants opportunities to serve in think tank roles for addressing “Drowning” as a “Neglected Public Health Threat” in historically underrepresented communities and vulnerable populations, as outlined in the World Health Organization’s Global Reports.

  • Increasing Knowledge & Awareness
  • History of aquatics in underrepresented communities
  • Research Symposium and Presentations on best practices and culturally relevant education
  • Broadening Prevention Education and Aquatic Programming
  • Expanding Water Safety Education & Drowning Prevention
  • Sport specific focused efforts of the Aquatic Councils
  • Creating Partnerships and Community Collaborations
  • National Leadership Summit with the American Red Cross
  • Think Tank with a body of experts providing advice and ideas on aquatics

The movement has challenges in addressing the burden of drowning in traditionally underrepresented communities while developing solutions and launching action plans to make a difference. We strive to continue to support these member-centered workshops, research sessions, and implementation of cutting-edge aquatic programs and strategies. Diversity in Aquatics has partnered with the American Red Cross to create a National Diversity Leadership Summit, bringing together diverse organizations as well aquatic professionals focused on working to create solutions towards both the organization’s missions of increasing water safety education and safe participation in aquatic physical activities.

When going to these events, bring your aquatic gear.

Attendees to get in the water and experience new aquatics skills and disciplines (scuba demo, open water swimming, deep water running, SKWIM, triathlon/multi-sport training, rowing, etc.).

The mission of Diversity in Aquatics, Inc. is to decrease the rate of drowning worldwide by educating, promoting and supporting target populations in the United States and abroad.

  • Diversity in Aquatics Convention was held in April, 2017, at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay Hotel. The convention flagship pulls together an extensive collection of diverse and passionate aquatic experts, professionals, athletes, enthusiasts. 

Organizational Goals

  • Promote: To increase the knowledge and awareness of water safety and drowning prevention, and aquatic physical activities in historically underrepresented communities and vulnerable populations.
  • Educate: To provide educational programming and collaborative relationships in traditionally underrepresented communities in order to equip historically underrepresented communities and vulnerable populations with the skills needed to be safe and participate in aquatic physical activities and environments.
  • Support: To increase sustainability in water safety and drowning prevention efforts and involvement in a variety of aquatic physical activities in historically underrepresented communities and vulnerable populations.

Program Objectives

  • To empower and improve the quality of life and reduce the risk of unintentional drowning deaths in historically underrepresented communities and vulnerable populations through aquatic physical activity.
  • Create new paradigms while decreasing drowning disparities, and increasing diversity and inclusion.
  • Collaborate along with inspired and accomplished aquatic professionals, athletes, program directors, and coaches.


  • To bring together national/local leadership organizations to create a unified voice to inform and address the disproportionate impact of drowning deaths on historically underrepresented communities.

Chime in

If you are interested in growing the knowledge base and raising awareness among the wide-ranging communities to improve the quality of life and reduce the risk of unintentional drowning deaths through aquatic physical activity, plug in on the comments below and sustain the conversations.

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