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For more than a year, we’ve been working to enhance and expand a rock-solid, wide-reaching, on-line learning experience, the Global Library for ISCA Members.
With more than 200 lessons, the new, robust website is ready for visitors.
Now is the time to dive in. We want to share this resource with you, your staff and others around the world while we shake-off the grips of the pandemic.
Dear Fellow Swim Coaches and Friends of Swimming:
The world is worn down by Covid-19 surges, shutdowns and months of inactivity. But we are hopeful that as we enter 2021, we can all get back in the pool, get back together again, and get back to competitions.
Let’s team up and counterattack against the pandemic lockdowns. ISCA wants to continue to addresses problems of sport and swimming by spreading knowledge, leadership and serious networking opportunities. Plus, our ISCA counterattack capitalizes on the spirit of giving and service to others.
Now, (as in today, this week, this month) is the time for study, reflection and building relationships with others. Let’s leverage technology. And, this is NOT another Zoom call nor webinar. Our smart-swimming fix while many around the world are idle and without competitions, includes a deep-dive into the Global Library for ISCA Members. Plus, a short-term, low-cost pathway gets you and your staff ISCA memberships.
We feel this combination of the Global Library with this introductory savings can energize the return to more mindful coaching in 2021 and beyond.
Sign-up before January 12, 2021 to share among your staff.
Tier 1, $25.
A counterattack membership, now $25, includes an ISCA Membership from now until March 1, 2021, for yourself AND your entire coaching staff. Head coach, assistants, age group, junior, senior coaches, volunteer coach, co-coaches — whatever the title. Everyone is in. You and your staff get ISCA memberships from now until March 1, 2021, for $25.
The exceptional value comes as the whole staff gets full access to the Global Library for ISCA Members — an expanding collection of more than 200 lessons. We can’t wait for you to explore, evaluate and energize your educational efforts with ISCA’s new subdomain:
Lots of energy has been pumped into expanding the Library. It is 100-times better than ever, and ready for prime time. This collection of lessons can help to transform your coaching staff and provide you and your crew with the confidence, content and educational structure for long-term success throughout your program and career.
Tier 2, a $50 investment.
Pay $50 and the offer extends and could include all the coaches on your team, plus an additional 50 of your coaching friends, perhaps all the other coaches of the teams within your league. Include your rivals.
Bestow the ISCA Membership as a gift to the other coaches you normally compete against in your section.
If you have a summer league, let’s send all the coaches in your league a gratis, counterattack, ISCA Membership. Give everyone something to do from now to March 1, 2021.
You can be the patron for your league-or-conference’s coaches. You’ll get the credit. We’ll provide access to the Global Library for ISCA Members.
League, section, conference, district, county, it all works here. You’ll get a coupon code to pass to your network and those that wish to take us up on the offer can sign-up themselves, redeem the coupon, and pay nothing. The first 50-coaches can redeem the coupon. You coupon at Tier 2 has a limit of 50 individuals.
This is a great way to reach out to the coaches and teams in your league, the ones you’d be competing with on a regular basis, but are missing while this pandemic swirls about.
Perhaps you are a coach at The Ohio State University, and you want to give an ISCA Membership to all the coaches in the Big 10 Conference. Let’s do it. Pay $50, and your staff and the staff of 50 other coaches in your conference can be included. Tell them the coupon and point them to link,
The first 50 that choose to opt in can easily sign-up, use your coupon code and get free access and membership to March 1, 2021.
After the check-out process, you’ll be presented with a form to enter the coupon code and the names and emails of your staff. But you need to act and get folks signed up by January 11, 2021.
Tier 3, a $150 investment.
Give an ISCA Membership and access to the online course to 200 fellow coaches. Give to your staff, your league and your entire state or LSC.
Let’s say you are a high school coach in Louisiana, and you want to share the counterattack ISCA Membership offer to every high school swim coaching staff in Louisiana, let’s do it. Pay for Tier 3, just $150, and create a coupon code that can be used by 200 different coaches. Send them an email. Or, announce it on your social media account.
Here is another scenario:
Perhaps a coach at The Ohio State University wishes to be a donor and sponsor the counterattack opportunity for ISCA Membership to every high school swim coach in Ohio. Let’s do it. Pay the $150 and sponsor the memberships across the state to high school coaches. Then 200 can dive into the lessons and share the educational experiences.
Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support.
Mark Rauterkus
PS: Tomorrow’s email from ISCA is going to feature news about ISCA sponsored swim meets in March and April 2021 — and beyond.
For the past 10-plus years, the normal annual membership to ISCA, (International Swim Coaches Association) has been $75. That price continues, even after this limited-time offer ends.
Just to be clear, while the Global Library for ISCA Members is a grass-roots treasure, the scientific courses tied to ISCA certification levels are NOT part of this offer. The Global Library for ISCA Members is a perk of ISCA Membership. The certification process and certification courses are extras for ISCA Members. But, first things first, here is your chance to spread the opportunities of ISCA membership and access for the Global Library.

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