Call to Governor to allow for HS Sports Spectators from a State Senator


Martin Calls on Governor Wolf to Provide Guidance on High School Sports Spectators

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HARRISBURG – Senator Scott Martin (R-13) today called on Governor Tom Wolf and Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine to develop guidelines on allowing spectators to attend fall sports activities, including at a minimum, parents of athletes.

In a letter to the governor today, Martin noted that the presence of family and loved ones at games and matches can enhance the experience of school sports for young people – so long as it can be done in a way that is safe for both students and participants.

“Most people agree that students who participate in organized sports are more likely to have a positive outlook on their education, and these activities can act as a springboard for lifelong success once students leave high school,” said Martin, who serves as a member of the Pennsylvania Athletic Oversight Committee. “It is my belief that the Commonwealth can safely permit spectators, parents, and family members to attend fall athletic events if proper mitigation measures are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Martin pointed out that many fall sports, such as tennis, field hockey and football, take place in large outdoor venues when social distancing can be practiced and where the risk of spreading COVID-19 is minimized.

“If we can congregate together safely and responsibly in shopping malls, big box stores, indoor sports venues and outdoor car shows under the guidance of the Department of Health, then I see no reason why the Department cannot develop similar guidelines to give schools the ability to allow spectators to watch athletic events in a manner that is safe for both the athletes and the people there to cheer them on,” Martin said.

“Throughout my long athletic career, whether on the gridiron or on the wrestling mat, some of my most cherished memories involve competing in front of or being cheered on by my family and friends.  Our young athletes deserve to have those same memories,” Martin added.

Read Senator Martin’s letter here.

CONTACT:   Terry Trego (717) 787-6535

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