Interest form concerning broadcasting swim pool activities this season.

Let's work to keep spectators at swim meets and water polo tournaments -- by BROADCASTING them.

In the time of a pandemic, spectators are not allowed to attend sporting events. The professional leagues have their games on commercial telivision. We need to work out the details and get plans in place as soon as possible so that our meets can occur without fans in the bleachers. Rather, fans should be able to watch online, at home.

A webinar is being planned and is expected in August in partnership with American Water Polo and the Collegiate Water Polo Assocation. The CWPA has a media team that has been able to broadcast hundreds of events from swim facilities in the past years. 

  • A mini-course and mastermind group is also expected to form in the wake of the first webinar. We'll share various solutions and offer best practices so you can get your events online too this year.
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