Breakdown on stats leading into the USA Olympic Swim Trials


Of course, this is NOT an Age Group Meet!

Chart by age group and repeat customers

Yet we still need to talk about one's age. 

Great article from USA Swimming on some breakdowns heading into the USA Swimming Olympic Trails.

But, there are a few missing stats yet to be revealed.

Join in the comments if you wonder about some other items not shown in either the article or the blog post:

  • Ages, in a graph, of the various head coaches.
  • Number of Trials swimmers who are also swim coaches.
  • Number of head coaches each swimmer has had in the course of his or her swimming career.
  • Number of times the swimmer competed in an event beyond the borders of the US.
  • Number of friends one expects to meet again if a member of the US Olympic Team while at the Olympics in Japan.
  • Number of years one hopes to keep swimming after the conclusion of the US Olympic Trials of 2021.
  • Average number of times per week each swimmer visualizes his or her top event in the Trials.

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