WPIAL onlookers - bromance

In advance of the WPIAL Championships, share news linksResearch is good. Franklin Regional

Philly - Eastern States

Eastern States Swim Clinic...Top Olympic Coaches and Swimmers  45TH ANNUAL EASTERN STATES SWIM

NCAP at ISCA Open Water

News about this weekend’s events ISCA’s East Coast Open Water Festival News

Bob Bowman speaker

45th Annual Eastern States Swim Clinic-see Bob Bowman45TH ANNUAL EASTERN STATES SWIM

Josh Davis invite

Eastern States Swim Clinic October 1-2, 2022 45TH ANNUAL EASTERN STATES SWIM

USA Flag

Update: The rule was changed to 60 days. https://swimswam.com/usa-swimming-cuts-120-day-rule-to-60-stopping-use-of-junior-olympic-for-meets/We're here to support you

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