Strength Training and Sprint Performance


Strength Training Improves Sprint Performance In a recent study, university swimmers participated in a dry-land strength training program once per we

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Strength Training Improves Sprint Performance

In a recent study, university swimmers participated in a dry-land strength training program once per week for eight weeks. They significantly improved their stroke rate and sprint performance. The graph below shows the pretest and posttest values for stroke rate and stroke length for the control and experimental groups for the 50 meter sprint. The authors concluded that the results support the importance of concurrent strength training even when only performed once a week. Click to read the full study by Lopes, Neiva, Gonçalves, Nunes, & Marinho (2020).



Tribute to Dr. Anders Ericsson on Swimming Science

A recent podcast on Dr. John Mullen’s Swimming Science was broadcast as a tribute to Dr. Anders Ericsson. Dr. Havriluk discussed topics related to Ericsson’s “Deliberate Practice” concept. Click to view the podcast.



The Problem with Modeling Champions

In a presentation from the online International Society of Biomechanics in Sport Conference last month, the authors cautioned about modeling the technique of champions because “elite swimmers exhibit small technical inefficiencies in almost all aspects of their performance” (Mason & Mackintosh, 2020). They also noted that “the most advantageous corrections to technique problems occur when a biomechanical analysis system is available to assess performance” and stressed the importance of quantitative data. Click to read the presentation.



STR Options During the Pandemic

Click here for guidelines for video analysis and consultation with Dr. Havriluk. Email for more info.



Approaching Perfect Swimming – ebook series



International Swim Coaches Association Certification Courses

All certification courses are available in English and Spanish and can be accessed on the ISCA Education Portal. Videos of presentations from ISCA conferences are also available. B101: Biomechanical Foundations of Swimming B102: Technique Checkpoints and Cues B201: Introduction to the Shoulder in Swimming B202: Technique Adjustments to Prevent Shoulder Injury SP101: Sport Psychology, the Zone, and Mental Training SP102: Mental Prep for Swim Racing P101: Introduction to Physiology and Swimming P102: The Role of the Heart, Lungs, and Blood Nutrition 201: Nutrition for Training and Competition



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